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  1. Passion Blog

    June 21, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    My area of interest is horse riding. I like horse riding because its a fun exciting experiance. Since ive started to go horse riding over the years i have had a loving bond between horses so that’s when i decided to buy my own horse. I have learnt to have patience with animals when they need it and i have also learnt about partnership. Horse riding is great because it teaches you patience, & partnership which is great.

  2. October 17, 2012 by kaitlinb2012

    Poppy’s Diary

    Dear diary, part 1

    Hello my name is Poppy, and my life is a big mess at the moment because I’m moving to Tasmania forever. I am really annoyed because I won’t see my best friend for life anymore and she always helped me with anything but I guess I’ll meet someone like her someday.

    Dear diary, part 2

    Finally i have made it safe to Tasmania with my family. My new school is called Tazzi public school, I have also got a new friend named Hayley she is just like my old bestie. My first day of school was scary as and I was getting bullied by these girls that think there head of the world.

    Dear diary, part 3

    Holidays finally,

    This holidays I’m going to see my old best friend in Darwin I’m so excited. I wonder what I want to do with her ……… These holidays I want to:

    • Go to the beach – Done     
    • Go to the movies –Done    
    • Go shopping – Done
    • Go to the fun park – Done
    • Go camping – Done

  3. Semester 2 Goals !

    June 4, 2012 by kaitlinb2012

    My goals are to improve in my running and high jump and also getting better at my art work.

    Also I’d love to get a bit better with my reading because I’m starting to not worry about books anymore.  I struggle with words so I’d also like to improve on my spelling just getting higher and getting more difficult words I’m sure it will help me improve. Even my handwriting needs improving because even though I’m neat I get very messy at times.

    Lastly I’d like to say is that I need to get better with my diary like getting it checked handed in every Friday also we have a maths mate which is homework that helps children with memory and just other little problems in maths like eighty divided by fifteen I can even struggle with those.

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