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Buddies Recount – 2013

December 11, 2013 by kaitlinb2012   

In during this year the year 6’s have been doing a program called Buddies. This is a program that is great for responsibility as you get your own prep buddy and you do lots of excursions with them, like go to the park for lunch, go to the zoo and more. This buddies program has helped me so much with my responsibility because when we go out to the zoo or park that buddies are the year 6’s responsibility nobody else’s. The teachers are there only to watch over everybody and make sure that all the preps are safe at all times, also the year 6 buddies have to make sure there little buddy is safe.

Over these 4 terms I have had a buddy called Mia. When we first met we really liked each other, we weren’t shy to talk to each other or anything. On the first day of meeting Mia we both found out we had a heap of things in common.  We do lots of activity’s every week that include maths, English, reading and more. One of my favourite activity’s was when our buddies were little rangers and they had to go around a park with magnifying class, binoculars, also a pen and paper to write on. We got to investigate all different creatures that were living everywhere.

Thanks to Mia for always paying attention and helping out we have made it thru buddies. Good luck for year 1 next year Mia!


Kaitlin & Mia



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