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1OOWC – World Vision – Week #12

December 2, 2013 by kaitlinb2012   


Dear Children in the Philippines,

I have heard that you have had a life threating typhoon. When I found out about it I really wanted you give as much help and hope as I could. Everyday people wonder what it would feel like to be around a life threating area, everyone feels sorry and they want to help you guys in need of help so bad.

As we know your family members or friends could have died during the typhoon. I would like to say that I feel sorry for the people involved even the children mostly, because they are going to be missing out on an important time of education while the hard working survivors of the Philippines try to help recover the towns.

People all over the world are being very generouse to spare there time to have fundraisers for the Philippines

From Kaitlin, MPPS, Year 6


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