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Forensic Science Project – William Ross Maples

November 21, 2013 by kaitlinb2012   

Dr.William Ross Maples

Dr. William Ross Maples was born on the 7th of August, 1937. William was a Forensic Anthropologist, which is an expert that can help identify human remains. Forensic Anthropologists can identify if the person could have died of a suicide, accidental, murder or natural causes. Forensic Anthropologists are also used in all different investigations to help rediscover unfound evidence, also they can determine the gender, age, and height when they analyse bones and human remains.

How William decided to become Forensic Anthropologists, well from a young age he took a big interest in his neighbour, who was a deputy sheriff and showed him autopsy pictures of Bonnie and Clyde Parker. Williams’s interest in anthropology developed in college after he was shut out of biology and took anthropology course instead.

Dr. Maples also worked as a consultant to governments and law-enforcement agencies, at the New York State Police and the United States Army’s Laboratory, which examines the remains of military personnel. He was really one of the few forensic anthropologists who could understand the needs of the justice system.

He could lead and conduct investigations where he would point to the crucial evidence to be shown at trials in court.

In 1988, he examined the remains of John Merrick

In the 19th century elephant man

In 1991 he participated in the examination of the remains of Zachary Taylor

The 12th President of the United States who died in 1850, which was President Taylor’s remains were tested for arsenic. Ultimately, the tests showed he died of gastroenteritis.

Dr. William Maples was 59 when he died on the 27th February 1997 of a brain Tumours.




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