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  1. BTN: Eureka Stockade

    December 12, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    In the 1850’s people from all over the world came to the Eureka stockade to dig for gold. They came to get so they could have money for many things they need in life.

    If the miners didn’t have a licence to did they would get in big trouble. When the miners dug without a licence they would be captured and made to pay a fee of 5 pounds before they could be released. The miners thought that they shouldn’t need a licence so all the miners all around that had a licence god rid of them, It was then called the Eureka Rebellion.

    During the 3rd of December there was a battle.The miners thought that they wouldn’t need a licence. after a about 3 years later men were finally aloud to vote.


  2. Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8

    December 12, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    Predict: I predict that it will be about money.

    Read: Which deal costs less?

    A. 75c for 500 ml       B.$2 for 2L

    Clarify: Nothing to clarify

    Mathematician’s Toolbox: ‘Have I seen a similar problem?’.

    What’s the BIG question? What deal costs less?

    Working out: Firstly,I went 500ml is one quarter of 2L so I knew that if it was B every 500ml would be 50c because that is a quarter of 2L. In A though it costs 75c which would be 25c more then B. If you times 75 times 4 it is $3 so it would be more then B.

    Summary: This was a really fun and easy question for me to figure out!

  3. Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 7

    December 12, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    Predict: I predict that this will be about money.

    Read: Which deal costs less?

    A. $32 for 4 L           B. $8.50 for 1 L

    Clarify: nothing to clarify

    Strategies Test all possibility’s – Mathematicians Toolbox: Test all possibility’s. Follow this link to all of my strategies! Link:

    What’s the BIG question? What deal costs less?

    Solving: Firstly, I knew that 8 is a quarter of 32 and it is offering a quarter less amount of L for B but it is $8.50 and that is not a quarter of 32 so if you want 4 L for $8.50 each it will come to a price of $34.00 and the other one is $32.00 for 8 L.

    Summary: I am pretty sure this is the answer because in past weeks we have had similar problems.

  4. Buddies Recount – 2013

    December 11, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    In during this year the year 6’s have been doing a program called Buddies. This is a program that is great for responsibility as you get your own prep buddy and you do lots of excursions with them, like go to the park for lunch, go to the zoo and more. This buddies program has helped me so much with my responsibility because when we go out to the zoo or park that buddies are the year 6’s responsibility nobody else’s. The teachers are there only to watch over everybody and make sure that all the preps are safe at all times, also the year 6 buddies have to make sure there little buddy is safe.

    Over these 4 terms I have had a buddy called Mia. When we first met we really liked each other, we weren’t shy to talk to each other or anything. On the first day of meeting Mia we both found out we had a heap of things in common.  We do lots of activity’s every week that include maths, English, reading and more. One of my favourite activity’s was when our buddies were little rangers and they had to go around a park with magnifying class, binoculars, also a pen and paper to write on. We got to investigate all different creatures that were living everywhere.

    Thanks to Mia for always paying attention and helping out we have made it thru buddies. Good luck for year 1 next year Mia!


    Kaitlin & Mia


  5. The 5 Big Questions: What Do You Think Feezel?

    December 4, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    #1: What makes this book good?

    Its a short interesting story that will leave you stuck on the end of your seat. All the action and adventure is just marvellous. As you get to have fun and go on adventures by beans side.

    #2: What would make this book better?

    We all agree that this book would be better if it was longer and had more humour. Also we would of liked to add more genres for example fantasy and crime.  Finally if it didn’t jump to different parts of the story all the time it would be great because we would get to focus on one part of the story at a time.

    #3: What is the most important thing the author want you to know?

    You cant get everything you want but in the end it could turn out to be a pro instead of a con. Bean wants a dog but but as we got through the story we came to realize that it was better of that she didn’t have one because it would not have worked out right for her as she lived in a very high profile pent house.

    #4: Why did the author write this?

    To let people know that if you stick with your family it will turn out better for you in the future. Bean and her  family moved to Sydney for her dads new career but at first Bean didn’t want to move to Sydney. Towards the end Bean gets to like Sydney more and more and realizes how lucky she actually was that her family didn’t listen to her.

    #5: What dose the audience need to know to understand and enjoy this book?

    That most of the action happens towards the end so don’t give up if you find it boring. At the start there is no action because it is just explaining what is going on in Beans life so far. In the end it lets you take part in all her adventures and fun.

    Book Cover:


  6. 1OOWC – World Vision – Week #12

    December 2, 2013 by kaitlinb2012


    Dear Children in the Philippines,

    I have heard that you have had a life threating typhoon. When I found out about it I really wanted you give as much help and hope as I could. Everyday people wonder what it would feel like to be around a life threating area, everyone feels sorry and they want to help you guys in need of help so bad.

    As we know your family members or friends could have died during the typhoon. I would like to say that I feel sorry for the people involved even the children mostly, because they are going to be missing out on an important time of education while the hard working survivors of the Philippines try to help recover the towns.

    People all over the world are being very generouse to spare there time to have fundraisers for the Philippines

    From Kaitlin, MPPS, Year 6

  7. Shipwreck Coast Camp 2013 – Recount

    December 2, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    Day One

    On the 26th of November the year 5/6’s went on a school camp to the Shipwreck Coast, in Warnambool. We stayed at a motel called Down Town Mtel. During our stay we ate dinner at Maceys Bistro had lots of exciting and creative activity’s such a kite making, rock pooling, and more. That night we had a trivia night.

    On the day we drove up to Warnembool, we got to experiance an outback abouriginal presentaiton at Narana Creations. We got to see emu’s, water holes and all different outback objects. Also we got to have a go at boomerang throwing which was really fun. It was also interesting to see everybodys techniques in throwing a boomerang. We also went to a place called Red Rock Lookout were we got to over look Lake Corangamite.

    Day Two

    In during the second day we vistited Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum, Where we got to see a spectacular view of a village that used to be there when the people used to go whaling for whales blubber. When we were touring the village we got into partners with a booklet and had to go around to the village shops and find the answer to the questions in the booklet.

    After to eat lunch we went to lake pertobe adventure park where we could fly on two different flying foxes, fort maze, cross to all different small islands by linked bridged and more. We also had a chance to make our very own uniqe kite’s with a professional kite maker named Tim. When It was night time we went back to the Flag Staff Hill for a spectacular sound and light show! It was about the Loch Ard in 1878 while it was voyaging from England to a part of Australia.

    Then we went to a place called Tower Hill and went on a discovery walk thru one of Victorias most recent inactive volcanos where we got to take pictures and go on a nature walk thru a bushland reserve which is a home to emu’s, koalas, kangaroos, sugar gliders and more.

    Day Three

    First up on the third day we went to a rock pooling activity that was really cool because we got to see all different sea creatures that are living under and in sea objects. Later on in the day we went fishing at The Anglers Fishing Club where we had a chance to catch as many fish as we could. Some people caught fish and some people like my self caught one but couldnt wind the fishing rod back up because the fish was pulling to hard that not even two people on the ground could wind it up so it ended up letting go and swimming away. We had a disco aswell.

    Then we went on a group walk to Griffith Island where we learnt about animals and plansts such as birds, mammals, reptiles and plants. During the walk i saw all different kinds of animals and I learnt alot aswell.

    Day Four

    On the last day we got up 7 O’clock on the dot and started packing before breakfast. After we had breakfast we loaded our coaches with the bags and then we loaded our selfs. Before we left we thanked the Down Town Motel staff for letting us stay in there rooms while we stayed in Warrnambool. When we were traveling we came across the Great Ocean Road where we say dramatic scenery including London Bridge, Port Cambell, Loch Ard Gorge and the Twelve Apostles. After all I had a great time at my last camp as I am heading off to Secondary School next year.

    Here Are Some Links To The Places We Visited While On Camp!:

    – Narana Creations/ Aboriginal Cultral Park:

    – Red Rock Look Out: Unfortunetly Doesnt Have A Website

    – Flag Staff Hill Maritime Mueseum:

    – Great Ocean Road:

    Finally, This has probley been one of the best camps ever!


    – Red Rock Lookout

    – Great Ocean Road – 12 Opostiles

    – London Bridge

    I recommend this camp for any schools from grades 3-6 as you learn a lot about heaps of things that you will need to take on board in the future years of high school and primary school.









  8. Forensic Science Project – William Ross Maples

    November 21, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    Dr.William Ross Maples

    Dr. William Ross Maples was born on the 7th of August, 1937. William was a Forensic Anthropologist, which is an expert that can help identify human remains. Forensic Anthropologists can identify if the person could have died of a suicide, accidental, murder or natural causes. Forensic Anthropologists are also used in all different investigations to help rediscover unfound evidence, also they can determine the gender, age, and height when they analyse bones and human remains.

    How William decided to become Forensic Anthropologists, well from a young age he took a big interest in his neighbour, who was a deputy sheriff and showed him autopsy pictures of Bonnie and Clyde Parker. Williams’s interest in anthropology developed in college after he was shut out of biology and took anthropology course instead.

    Dr. Maples also worked as a consultant to governments and law-enforcement agencies, at the New York State Police and the United States Army’s Laboratory, which examines the remains of military personnel. He was really one of the few forensic anthropologists who could understand the needs of the justice system.

    He could lead and conduct investigations where he would point to the crucial evidence to be shown at trials in court.

    In 1988, he examined the remains of John Merrick

    In the 19th century elephant man

    In 1991 he participated in the examination of the remains of Zachary Taylor

    The 12th President of the United States who died in 1850, which was President Taylor’s remains were tested for arsenic. Ultimately, the tests showed he died of gastroenteritis.

    Dr. William Maples was 59 when he died on the 27th February 1997 of a brain Tumours.



  9. Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6

    November 21, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    Predict: I predict this problem includes multiplication and missing numbers

    Read: “Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.”

    Clarify: nothing to clarify

    What’s the BIG Question?: What digits go in the boxes that also fits into the multiplication sum?

    Strategies: “Have I seen a similar problem” (For more strategies, check out my “Mathematician’s Toolbox” page, here is the link:

    Solving Procedure: First, I did the sum of 6 x 3 which equalled to 18 so I put the 8 in the available box and carried the 1. Next I knew that I had a carried 1 and the bottom number in the answer section had to be a 3 so I put 4 in the next available box and did the sum 3 x 4 + 1 I got 13, so I then carried the 1. Finally I did the last sum of 3 x 2 + 1 and got seven so I put 7 in the last available box.

    Summary:  After all I completed the multiplication sum and my strategy turned out to be correct.

  10. Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5

    November 14, 2013 by kaitlinb2012

    Predict: I predict this will be about multiplication.

    Read: ” Fill in the missing digits, using the digits 1 to 9.”

    Clarify: Noting To Clarify.

    Strategies: The strategies I used to solve this problem were test all possibility’s, Break problem into manageable parts.

    Solve: Firstly, I multiplied 9 x 6 and the answer I got was 54. Then I put the 4 in the missing number box and put the 5 in the top missing number box. After, I put the 9 in the other missing number box.


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